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Recent Eats

on March 1, 2016

I felt the need to share a few recent Frederick favorites. From hot toddies to duck confit pot pie, there’s evidently a downtown Frederick restaurant that will cure your cravings.

Family Meal served as a perfect cure for a little cabin fever during Snowzilla 2016 and what’s better than a hot toddy on a snow day?

Family Meal Frederick Hot Toddy

We stuffed ourselves with some of their chicken pot pie fritters, red beans & rice and braised greens.

Family Meal red beans and rice, collard greens & chicken pot pie fritters

And those were just our sides & appetizers. We kept the food train going with some apple hotcakes and meatloaf.

Family Meal Apple Pancakes

Family Meal Meatloaf

Have you been to Cafe Nola recently? Dude, go check out their new and improved menu. It basically kicks ass. I mean, hello, they have a brunch board! And yes, that is a flower made out of lox.

Cafe Nola Brunch Board

A lucky break one Saturday evening scored a small group of us a window table for dinner. We started with some calamari and not pictured wontons.

Cafe Nola Calamari

This chicken dish doesn’t seem to mentioned on their online menu, but it was happily & quickly devoured.

Cafe Nola Chicken Entree

When you order the duck confit pot pie it helps to have a friend. Just kidding keep that deliciousness all to yourself. Eat your fill and enjoy the leftovers for breakfast. (Speaking from experience.)

Cafe Nola Duck Confit Pot Pie

Then there were two trips to Jojo’s in one weekend that involved lots of seafood.

Jojo's Ahi Tuna Appetizer

Seared ahi tuna appetizer.

Jojo's Cedar Plank Salmon

Cedar Plank Salmon, so good!

Jojo's Fish & Chips

The fish and chips was perfect for my dining companion looking to keep it meat-free on a Friday. They were very complimentary of the batter for the fish, which we all know can make or break fish & chips.

Jojo's Caesar Salad with Salmon

Looking for something on the lighter side? The Caesar salad with salmon is a perfect solution. Don’t forget the anchovies!

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