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Foodie Field Trip – G-Mart

on September 26, 2013

Another food store in Frederick? You’re not going to here us complain. We headed to the new G-Mart International Grocery Store this week to see what all the excitement was about.

The produce section deserves another dedicated visit. More varieties of peppers, squash and eggplant than we knew existed. Not to mention all of the fruits and vegetables we’d simply never seen before.

Perusing wasn’t the only goal of our visit. Sarah has been known to make a pretty decent pan of pad thai from time to time, though her recipe isn’t the most authentic. With a full selection of Asian groceries now at our disposal it seemed a great time for her first attempt. New ingredients like wet tamarind and shrimp paste in bean oil made their way into our cart. So did items not necessary for making pad thai (see photos).

G-Mart Goodies 2


G-Mart Goodies 1

Interesting candies, Chiz curls, wasabi peas and crackers that despite their name, have no trace of sunflower in them. It was hard to leave anything on the shelves. We finally made our way to the checkout line with plenty of ideas for what to pick up on our next trip.

And yes, the evening did culminate with plates of pad thai for all.

Pad Thai from scratch

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