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Egg Custard and Marshmallow Fluff

on February 16, 2012

I know I’m a little late, but I had to wait until the weekend to watch Bryan Voltaggio’s “Obsessed with Everything Food” special for Maryland Public Television. (Thank goodness for DVR.) It originally aired on Tuesday February 7, but MPT is airing it again on April 14 at 4:30 pm and MPT2 will be airing it on March 3 at 5:30 pm.

What am I taking away from this viewing?

1.) B. Volt and I need to sit down and enjoy an Egg Custard Snoball with Marshmallow Fluff together. Apparently we share the same excellent taste :-). Besides Maryland Blue Crabs (also featured in this episode), there just is no other treat like Egg Custard Shaved Ice with Fluff in the Summer. I remember thinking my Dad was crazy when, on our much anticipated trips to the shaved ice stand, he would order something as weird sounding as Egg Custard when there were delicious (and familiar) flavors like Cotton Candy, Cherry and Root Beer to choose from. Turns out I was the crazy one, he finally coaxed me into trying it around age 9 and I’ve never ordered anything since. Egg Custard is sort of a vanilla/caramel combination, some liken it to Creme Brulee over ice.

Egg Custard Snoball with Marshmallow Fluff2.) While we are slurping these snoballs we need to figure out a way to bring the Egg Custard flavor to the rest of the country. I was shocked and appalled when I went to share my fun, new Bryan Voltaggio fact with my boyfriend (and his roommate who was also in the room) and they both just kind of stared at me for a second. Turns out they don’t have such things in Pittsburgh, PA. Or Northern Virgina for that matter. My Grandmother, Aunt, and Cousin (all from Annandale, VA) have never had an Egg Custard flavored Snoball or put marshmallow fluff on shaved ice. Why has this trend not caught on?? (And the too-much sugar argument will not be accepted…)

I encourage everyone out there to lobby your local Shaved Ice stand for this flavor. I even found it for them for easy ordering and Koldkiss is a supplier right out of Baltimore.

So I guess the statement needs to be amended. It should be “Crab Cakes, Egg Custard Snoballs, and Football … that’s what Maryland does!”

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