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Happy Fat Tuesday!

on February 21, 2012

For whatever reason (religious or not) this is a special day for folks who like to eat. A little over-indulgence is encouraged. Which is what I am suggesting to you right now. Make something special for dinner tonight. May I suggest Beer Steamed Mussels and Baked Truffle Fries? I made both recently for a special dinner at home with the boyfriend. Actually, this meal was inspired by some of my favorites at Firestone’s Culinary Tavern :-). (Take my word for it and order the Moules Frites with truffle fries the next time you’re there.)

Beer Steamed Mussels

A little Google searching directed me to this recipe for Beer Steamed Mussels from The Beer Chicks and these recipes for Oven Baked Truffle Fries from Sloppy, Drunk & Delicious and 20something cupcakes. They were just what I was looking for. Really simple, but with the flavors I was trying to capture.


I’ve already made the Truffle Fries again (and have another potato waiting to be made into crispy deliciousness) and learned that you can freeze leftover mussels. You just remove the mussels from their shells and cover them in the buttery broth before placing them in the freezer. We didn’t have too many leftover, but the few that we could just not force down are waiting to be added to some canned tomatoes and whole wheat pasta.

Truffle Fries

As it is Fat Tuesday, I must also suggest that you get your hands on one of the pastries traditional for the day. I would say wait and eat it after you’ve enjoyed a delicious dinner, but they are best fresh and well, really no one can resist them for long. What am I talking about? Well if you’re from certain parts of Maryland (including Frederick) they’re called Kinklings. If you’re like me and Polish, you go for the Paczki. The Germans call them Fasnacht. Traditionally, these fatty doughnuts were made to use up lard, butter, sugar, and fat before the Lenten fasting season. But I’m sure most of you don’t have a lot of lard and fat just hanging out in your pantry, so hit up your local bakery today on your way to work or during lunch. I actually got some Paczki a little early while I was in Pittsburgh this past weekend at Dudt’s Bakery.

Dudt's Bakery Paczki

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