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First Taste – Pho TNT

on November 10, 2015

I had heard on numerous occasions that there was pho worth getting in my car for on the Golden Mile. Why it took me so long to investigate these suggestions is beyond me. A thank you is owed to Hilary P., The Social Media Doctor, for getting me to finally venture over to Pho TNT. Hilary, having used to work on Route 40, quickly became a regular after the restaurant opened in January of 2013. She also quickly befriended the owners, Tai and Tyler, two very friendly and incredibly funny guys who really want to make good food and provide exceptional service to their customers.

Pho TNT Menu

I was ever so kindly invited by Hilary to join her for dinner at PhoTNT last Thursday and I am pleased as punch that accepted. I got the chance to meet both owners while I was there, Tyler himself was in the kitchen preparing our meal, as well as chow down on some seriously satisfying Vietnamese cuisine.

Pho TNT Appetizer Platter

First up was an appetizer platter filled with Summer Rolls, Spring Rolls (I wonder if there are Fall and Winter rolls on any menus out there) and Beef wrapped in grape leaf (their take on dolmades.) I admitted to Hilary that appetizers and condiments are often my favorite part of meals and finished my share of the appetizers happily dunking each bite into the sauces that came with our assortment. In case you were interested, the spring rolls were my favorite. I was impressed to learn that save for the hoisin, all of the sauces at PhoTNT are made in-house.

Pho TNT Summer Rolls

Pho TNT Spring Rolls

Pho TNT Beef Stuffed Grape Leaves

Next we got to try something that even not-so-adventurous eaters can get down with, wings! Right now these are just referred to as their house wings (another sauce made from scratch) but later Hilary and I tried to convince Tai that they should change the name to Dynamite Wings to go with the TNT in the restaurant’s name. The wing sauce is pretty darn tasty, an interesting take on sweet and sour.

Pho TNT Special House Wings

Then came out the pho (oohh, ahhh) and some drunken noodles with shrimp. Uhh … the pho is seriously good you guys. In case you don’t know, pho is a a type of Vietnamese soup, typically made from beef stock and spices to which noodles and thinly sliced beef or chicken are added. It’s also pronounced ‘fuh’ and I’m pretty sure I could eat/drink some of it every day. It’s what you really should be eating when you come down with a cold. The guys at PhoTNT cook their broth for at least 8 hours and sometimes up to 10, utilize their own special blend of herbs and constantly test each batch for flavor before serving it to their customers.

Pho TNT pho and drunken noodles

As Hilary and I worked our way towards some really full bellies, we chatted with Tai and Tyler a little more. When asked how owning a restaurant was going, they said things have been going well and they’re pretty pleased at what only word of mouth marketing has helped them achieve since last year. They are striving to be a little different and focus on what they do best. When talking about their house made sauces they referred to “in house” as “our house.” It seems they really enjoy having a restaurant.

Pho TNT pho with sliced beef

Hilary had no shortage of praise for the restaurant either. She keeps coming back not only for the delicious food but for the family atmosphere. She likes that you kind of feel like you’re eating in someone’s home.

As the weather is finally starting to take a turn for winter, I know I will be returning for a warm bowl of pho (and more wings) and bubble tea (yes they have it) very soon!

For more information on PhoTNT, be sure to check them out online. They do offer corporate catering and are pleased to give a discount to members of the military, police officers, firefighters and teachers with a valid ID.

PhoTNT was kind enough to serve me dinner at no cost, but all opinions are completely my own. The true testament is that I ended up purchasing another order of the drunken noodles with shrimp to take home for my husband to enjoy for dinner.

Pho TNT pho with sliced beef

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