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Have you ever tried pork belly?

on March 14, 2012

It’s Wednesday. That usually means dinner and drinks at Brewer’s Alley (it will this evening :-)). They originally lured me into this hump-day tradition with a late night happy hour and free Cajun buffet with hot wings, crayfish, and gumbo. Eventually, waiting until 9 pm to eat got to be too much, then I got a desk job that made staying out much past 9 pm on a weeknight a rarity. So the regular menu and I became quite familiar. But last Wednesday the boyfriend and I were more than prepared to tackle a 3-course dinner from the special Restaurant Week menu.

Brewer's Restaurant Week 2012 Menu

We chose the Korean Spring Rolls and Goat Cheese Fritters to split/share for our first course.

Korean Spring Rolls

We are big fans of the Mexican Egg Rolls from the regular menu, so there was no way we weren’t going to try this new version. These were filled with chicken thighs, kimchee, sesame oil, and soy sauce. They were served with a tomato cream. They were good, but we missed the spicy kick from the Mexican Egg Rolls.

Goat Cheese FrittersGoat Cheese Fritter BiteThe goat cheese fritters are regularly available as a salad topper. I looove them, and I often can’t resist ordering a salad for dinner just for these. This appetizer version was served over a balsamic reduction with grilled brioche. Mmm, the goat cheese smeared on that bread with the sweet balsamic reduction was amazing!

For dinner, Rob went with the Baked Cod that was topped with Dijon Bread Crumbs and Tomato Basil and was served with Old Bay Butter.

Buttery Baked CodThe Cod itself was just a little bland. The Old Bay butter was not. Rob was pleased with his order, if only for this butter.

Pork BellyI knew I wanted to order the Smoked Pork Belly before we even arrived for dinner. I’ve only ever had it one other time, and then it was not the main part of the dish. This course was completed with Roasted Garlic Mashers, Wilted Spinach and Orange-Jalapeno Jus. It was a fairly salty main course. I expected that of the Pork Belly (it’s smoked pork …) The mashed potatoes were nice and garlickly, no complaints there. The wilted spinach was unfortunately very salty and I couldn’t manage to eat much of it. I wasn’t too upset about the spinach though I was plenty full from almost melt-in-your-mouth pork and jus covered mashers.

And for dessert …

Oreo CheesecakeOreo Cheesecake

Creme Bruleeand Creme Brulee. Very solid endings to a delicious meal. We basically had to roll ourselves out of there :-).


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