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A funny story that still ends with a good meal

on March 7, 2012

I really thought I had made a reservation at Acacia for 8 o’clock PM on Monday March 5. Well, actually that would have been impossible because the Acacia in Frederick is closed on Mondays. The weird thing is I knew that. As someone who eats out in downtown Frederick fairly often, I know that a few of the restaurants are closed on Mondays (and I usually remember which ones ha).

Somehow OpenTable and I didn’t quite communicate and I actually made a reservation for an Acacia Bistro in Washington, DC. “Whoops!” It was all I could say as the boyfriend and I were walking down Market Street and I simultaneously had this realization and actually saw a bit of construction going on inside Acacia. Oy vey. All we could do was laugh, so we did. (You are also welcome to chuckle ;-).)

So much for that plan. Luckily there are 21 restaurants participating in Frederick Restaurant Week and right next store (and open) was Olives.

Olives Menu

Rob quickly ordered us a bottle of Marega Pinot Grigio and all was well ;-).

Candle & Wine

Olives Restaurant Week Menu

To start I chose the classic “Insalata di Cesare” and Rob went with the “Zuppa della Casa”, which on Monday was Clam Chowder.

Caesar SaladThe crispy panchetta sold me on the salad (I have a hard time turning down crispy pork ;-)). The “creamy caesar dressing” was not overly heavy and had a pleasant tanginess to it.

Olives Clam Chowder

However, I can’t lie. I wish I had ordered this soup. Luckily, the boyfriend is a sweetheart and let me steal a bite. It was some tasty Clam Chowder.

For entrees we chose the “Sacchetti hai formaggi” (me) and “Chicken alla valdonstana” (Rob).

Sacchetti hai Formaggi

These little pasta sacks were stuffed with ricotta cheese (and apparently pear) and were tossed with some walnuts in a taleggio cream. I didn’t really get any taste of pear in my pasta filling. Kind of unfortunate, but certainly not enough to keep me from enjoying my cheesy, creamy entree.

Chicken alla Valdostana

The chicken was good, the mashed potatoes served with it were great. There was a lot of cheese mixed into those potatoes and you really can’t go wrong with spuds and cheese.

I choose the “tortino al cioccolato” for dessert. It was a lovely, rich chocolate mousse with a chocolate cake-like middle layer, and a hard chocolate shell.

Tortino al Ciccolato

Rob happily ordered the Tiramisu for his third course. He also happily took about half of it home to be enjoyed for an afternoon snack on Tuesday. (We were pretty full.)


And sorry to the DC Acacia Bistro, I hope to make it there someday as the reviews I saw on OpenTable (when I went back to try and figure out what I did wrong while making my reservation) were all positive.

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