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Food Tours Make Great Team Events, Here’s Why

on November 5, 2019

You know it would be good to spend some time out of the office with your co-workers, but you don’t want to plan yet another happy hour where everyone just stands around staring at each other. Food tours are here to help! The food and entertainment is built in and a tour guide is there to help to get everyone engaged along the way.

We’re absolutely biased when we say we believe food tours make excellent group events. But we have great reasons! Here are seven reasons you should consider a food tour for your next team outing.

1. The food

On a food tour, there’s definitely food. It’s in the name! When you take part in a food tour, you get to taste something delicious at a variety of different spots. We offer the Around Market Tour and the Booze & Bites Tour giving you some options for your tour experience.

2. New Experiences

This isn’t your typical awkward happy hour or team outing. A food tour takes a lot of the pressure off. All along the way, your tour guide is happy to lead the way and tell you where to go next so no one’s standing around waiting for someone else to make a decision. In addition, many people have never taken a food tour before, so the entire experience is new to them. And for those who may have visited some of our stops before, we’ll bet we can serve up something they haven’t had before.

3. Improved Camaraderie

It’s pretty simple, sharing meals together builds relationships. Eating together can encourage cooperation. The personal and friendly tone usually set when colleagues eat together can support more intense conversations that occur later on. A lot of informal communication can happen over meals and employees who eat with others often report being more satisfied at work. The benefits to eating with one’s colleagues are many according to workplace psychologist Jennifer Newman in an interview with CBC’s Early Edition.

4. Outside the office walls

You spend A LOT of time inside your office, don’t spend all of your outside-your-office time inside too! Our tours combine the perfect amount of inside and outside time. We stop in restaurants, bars and specialty food shops and in between we meander downtown Frederick, pausing outside at times to learn a bit about the areas history and culture. We’re great at making sure our groups stay as comfortable as possible in all types of weather.

5. Entertaiment is built in

The food will do a lot of the work, but our tour guides come prepared and excited to share interesting stories and facts about downtown Frederick and the businesses you’ll visit along the way.   One of our goals on every tour is to hopefully share something new with every participant.

6. Awkward pauses are non existent

We know that sometimes it can be hard to connect with coworkers outside the office. Your tour guide is there to help keep everyone engaged, laughing and moving along.

7. Increased performance and communication

Think of sharing a meal together like social glue. According to Kevin Kiffin, a professor and applied behavioral scientist at Cornell University made a similar statement after conducting a study that researched how firehouses who eat together are more productive than the one’s that don’t eat together. His study suggests that the act of eating meals together is associated with increased cooperation and collaboration. Meaning the business could experience better work-group performance. Encouraging this kind of behavior in corporate culture usually results in more productive employees in the long run. This is particularly true if the work environment is highly team-based.

Firestone's Market pastrami sandwich

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